Treatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: I enjoy working with individuals of all ages experiencing challenges with mood, depression, and anxiety. I also like working with couples interested in improving their connection and communication, as well as with families wanting to lead more fulfilling home lives. Working with survivors of domestic abuse and trauma is another area of interest and expertise.

Clinical Approach: I take a personalized and individual approach to therapy, viewing each person as a unique individual. I enjoy helping my clients use their past experiences to make healthier and more fulfilling choices in their future. I use a Strengths-Based approach, drawing on the unique attributes and talents of the individual to positively impact life choices. I enjoy utilizing Mind/Body methods to healing such as Guided Imagery, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Progressive Relaxation, and Emotional Freedom Technique. I also utilize Art Therapy and Narrative Therapy Techniques to work with processing the impact of traumatic or life-changing events.

Education and Experience: In 2000, I obtained a Masters of Social Work degree from West Virginia University. In addition, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and received my degree from Florida School of Massage in 2012. I have worked in a wide variety of treatment settings since 1997 including private practice, in-home family therapy, community mental health, inpatient hospital settings, group homes, and shelters. I have also acted as a Qualified Supervisor to those in clinical training as counselors. I have specialized training and interests in mind/body methods and in trauma therapy.

Personal Interests: In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am an animal lover and I have a passion for traveling, hiking, and photography.