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Miranda Chicklis, LPCC

Treatment specialties and clinical interests: I enjoy supporting adolescents, adults and couples with self-discovery, increasing self-worth and creating more fulfilling relationships. I have extensive experience working with PTSD and trauma related symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, flashbacks and shame. I specialize in the treatment of sexual issues, including sexual trauma, sexual compulsion (also often called sex addiction), sexual anorexia, sexual difficulties and improving intimacy.

Laura D Miller, LPCC

Treatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: I love working with all older teens and adults from diverse backgrounds experiencing life transitions, relational difficulties and mood disorders.I have aparticular interest in supporting those individuals struggling with depression, grief and loss, aging, divorce, micro-traumas, and family conflict.In addition, I am curious as to how the concept of mental health is experienced by different cultures.

Maryna Little, LCSW

Treatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: I enjoy working with individuals of all ages experiencing challenges with mood, depression, and anxiety. I also like working with couples interested in improving their connection and communication, as well as with families wanting to lead more fulfilling home lives. Working with survivors of domestic abuse and trauma is another area of interest and expertise.

Anika M Kelso, LCSW

Treatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: I especially enjoy working with teens and young adults. I also work with more mature pre-teens, adults, and families. I have a particular interest in supporting gender non-conforming people and the LGBTQ community. Most of my clients are working on resolving low self-esteem, self-identity issues, depression, anxiety, social fears, sexual orientation issues, gender identity concerns, behavioral problems, parenting issues, parent/child conflicts, family communication difficulties, and divorce reaction, among other problems.

Jennifer Gillespie, LPCC

Treatment Specialties: I enjoy treating adolescents and adults experiencing problems dealing anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts/behaviors, ADHD, trauma, relationship issues, and health/eating issues.

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Due to current health concerns during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, we will be providing all sessions via our secure, confidential, HIPAA compliant video telehealth system.

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