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Please note: at this time, we are providing all sessions via our secure, confidential, HIPAA compliant video telehealth system.

All of our therapists are generally full at this time and we are not keeping a waiting list.

You may email/message us to see if any of our therapists have had a very recent opening for a new client.

Please do NOT register if you have not received approval from us - this is to protect your information.

Treatment Specialties and Clinical Interests  I value working with teens and adults in a supportive non-judgmental way. I assist people who may

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Treatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: I love working with all older teens and adults from diverse backgrounds experiencing life transitions, relational difficulties

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Treatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: I enjoy working with individuals of all ages experiencing challenges with mood, depression, and anxiety. I also

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Treatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: I especially enjoy working with teens and young adults. I also work with more mature pre-teens, adults, and

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Treatment Specialties: I enjoy treating adolescents and adults experiencing problems dealing anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts/behaviors, ADHD, trauma, relationship issues, and health/eating issues.

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